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Sun Star Silver Jewelry CO.,LTD is a professional manufacturer specialized in producing high quality genuine 925 sterling silver rings for women’s and men’s. We produce OEM design rings and rings design of our own. In more than ten years of our company operation. We maintain and perfection only on one single product categorize. Which is RINGS. We believe that more practices does make us achieved perfection. With more than tens of only producing one single product. You could rest assure that all our rings that reach our client are in perfection and beautiful condition. We believe everyone deserve the highest quality and beautiful rings.

Our facility is based in Meilong County, Guangdong Province and we have been operated for more than 10 years. Our facility is 800 sq.ft and are equip-ted with the latest equipment and our craftsman are highly trained and experienced in this field. We currently have more than 80 craters including 10 designing team and we have a numerous long term associated supplier partner in various aspect in this field. Our designing team included local and foreign designer to keep you up to date with the latest jewelry trend. Currently we have more than 1500 own designer rings in our catalog and we are able to produce 200 new design in a single month if required. We are also equip-ted with the ERP management system. This system will further manage our facility with accuracy and time efficiency. With this system we are able to track every detailed process of your jewelry and constantly keep you updated with the latest status of your order.

Sun Star Jewelry are committed with the motto “THE BEST OR NOTHING”. That’s why Sun Star Jewelry only produced the best and highest quality of jewelry out of OEM orders / ODM orders. Each pieces of jewelry are inspect by our Quality Control team. Our quality control team will inspect the finish produced jewelry from material usage to production method and after production detail. We believe once we need to produce a product it’s should be the best or nothing at all. We do welcome any third party inspection team of your choice to fully complete your satisfaction on your product before shipping. We believe in mutual collaboration and we are able to pack according to your requirement and ship or courier according to your address that you intended. With a low MOQ 30 pieces / style and we also accept flexible order sizes.

Our main goal is to assist and accomplish your objective in a shorter and efficient way. We are also expanding to men and children jewelry in the future. In Sun Star Jewelry, we believe everyone deserve a lovely jewelry.

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